Frog is about stories messages and is a social app for the new generation. 

Unfortunately, not everyone we meet online is the kind of person we would want to be friends with. In some cases, for example, adults set up fake profiles so they can target young people for sexual reasons.

So we build up a review and verfication system to verify your identity. Simply film a video proving us you are safe to us, we would verify your account in 12 hours.

We’ve built some important safety features into the app. We use technical tools and moderators to detect fake profiles, harmful content and other issue. Once your video is uploaded, Frog Team will review it very soon. Inappropriate contents will be rejected immediately. Every video you view on the Pond is after review. 

*Add a hashtag
*More posts, more likes
*Like more froggers and they will like you back

Froggers press 🤟 to send you “what’s up”. You receive notifications and Frog opens right to the camera so you can easily pick up phone and make a story to your friends.

What’s Up Stories is more interactive than ever. There are Q&A sticker, DM feature, Party mode, Attitudes and Viewer toolkit in the video. 

Users on Frog call themselves Froggers. 

The gifts collect from posting videos can be exchanged into swim rings. You could also top up for more swim rings.

No, FROG is an ad-free experience. 

We want you to have the best possible experience on Frog so we’re here to help you deal with any difficult situations, whether it’s having a bad feeling about another user, seeing an inappropriate or something else. We’ve built some important safety features into the app and we’ve also created this guide to help you stay safer-as well as advice from the Frog team, you’ll find tips from other teens. More information in Safety Center. 

Since the launch of FROG just a few months ago, we have received so much love and so many awesome recommendations from our users that we feel truly blessed to have the opportunity of creating FROG. We strongly believe our users are the foundation of our project, thus we love to hear any opinions or suggestions on how to further improve FROG. Just shoot us an email at contact@frogcool.com or just message “FROG buddy” and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

We want to thank each and every one of our users for giving FROG a chance. We promise to never stop improving your FROG experience, bringing more and more fun and magical new features in the very near future. We hope you will continue to enjoy FROG! Now put on that smile and get ready to meet someone awesome!